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We talk about retiring and visions of frolicking on a sun-drenched beach with coconut-infused cocktails give way to anxiety and even fear. Retirement is close enough to smell and taste and touch. But will we ever feel assured that we've saved enough to live comfortably and pretty much in the same manner as when we worked?
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Economic uncertainty and the rough waters of the recession haven't been kind to any of us - especially as we've watched our retirement savings dwindle.
Online SS Benefits Calculator
Happy 2012  familia! As promised, I'm starting this New Year with the best energies and sharing relevant information for Latinos. I want to kick off my first blog of 2012 taking about how applying for your Social Security benefits can potentially lead to a road full of twists and unknown turns. Fortunately, I'm here with great news for our community. AARP has unveiled a  Social Security Benefits Calculator en español that helps you determine the best time to claim benefits.
The fact is, many American's retirement accounts took a hit during difficult economic times - leaving many people wondering if retirement was still even an option. Are you one of those people with questions about your retirement? When can you retire? What do you need to do in order to get there? Are you saving enough? How long will the money you have saved last once you do retire?
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