The Takeaway: The New Assisted Living

<strong>Retirement Resorts</strong>: Aging retirees of yore may have moved in with family, headed to a Sun Belt retirement community or took up residence in an assisted living facility. Today's retirees? <a href="">According to the Wall Street Journal</a>, they're living on cruise ships, in spas, at "fully staffed homes in Costa Rica," shared houses with other retirees or in "backyard bungalows" on adult children's property.

No One Disabled in the Dining Room?

Nothing like a disabled person to ruin your appetite. Or so it seems among some of the upscale retirement communities around the country, where the main dining rooms has been declared off-limits to their residents who are in poor health or disabled. The New York Times reports that several of these continuing care retirement communities, that include assisted living or nursing care along with independent-living apartments, have enacted policies that bar their sicker residents from eating in the main dining …