retirement planning

retirement plan
Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill expanding eligibility for the state’s retirement savings program, called CalSavers.
AARP is urging lawmakers to pass the RISE & SHINE Act, which would allow part-time workers to enroll in workplace retirement plans more quickly.
Social Security Card and Coins
When should you begin taking Social Security benefits? That was a question asked of visitors and registered website users . Less than 19 percent selected age 70, though that’s exactly what I tell the vast majority of my clients to do. Most object to my recommendation until I frame the…
Social Security and Taxes
Most adults likely have heard of Social Security — or seen the taxes for it taken out of their paychecks. But when quizzed on some of the basics of the program, only 28 percent got a passing grade.
Doctor with patient
You’ve heard this before, I know, and yet it remains as disturbing as ever. Health care costs, along with housing, are likely to be your biggest expenses in retirement. Boston-based  Fidelity Investments found that premiums, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses could cost a 65-year-old…
older couple on a bench
Staying healthy and how to pay for it are the top concerns for boomers and retirees, a study has found.
Own Your Tomorrow.
The road to retirement may seem uncomfortably short, particularly if you're in your 50s and haven't saved much.
If you've been putting the maximum amount of money into a tax-deferred retirement plan and were hoping to set aside even more next year, you'll be disappointed by the IRS's decision not to increase the limits.
Some people might prefer bathing the dog to sitting down and creating a f inancial plan. However, adults who take the time to develop a comprehensive financial plan are more likely to manage their money successfully, and are more confident about reaching their goals, like saving for retirement or…
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