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State lawmakers on Tuesday passed a bill introducing Delaware EARNS, a state-facilitated retirement savings program that will help workers save money.
AARP is urging lawmakers to pass the RISE & SHINE Act, which would allow part-time workers to enroll in workplace retirement plans more quickly.
Hawaii lawmakers passed a bill establishing a state-backed retirement savings program, benefiting workers who don’t have a savings plan through their jobs.
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Pennsylvania is the latest state to consider expanding retirement savings options through Keystone Saves, a Work and Save retirement plan.
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AARP asked the Labor Department to protect Americans saving for retirement from loopholes in federal fiduciary rules and financial advisers who may have conflicts of interest.
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We’re calling on Hawaii's state legislature to approve a retirement savings program to help workers who don't have a 401(k) or similar savings option through their jobs.
New York on Thursday became the latest state to expand retirement savings options for workers. Gov. Kathy Hochul signed an AARP-supported bill requiring a business with 10 or more workers to enroll those employees in a state-backed savings plan if it doesn’t already offer a private retirement plan.
Nearly a quarter of Americans put saving for retirement on hold during the pandemic and stopped contributing to — or prematurely dipped into — their retirement accounts, according to a troubling new AARP Research study. More than half  of the more than 5,400 adults surveyed said a lack of money has…
Emergency savings accounts are more than just a good idea. They can help protect households against financial hardship today and enable greater retirement security in the future.
Today’s financial markets are frightening. Here are a few thoughts to help you weather this crisis and come out stronger than before.
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