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Three kites
Two hundred twenty-eight years.
retirement plan documents and pen
Final Department of Labor (DOL) regulations have opened the way for the largest expansion of retirement plan coverage in several decades. The regulations provide much-needed guidance to states that want to establish state-sponsored automatic IRA plans for small-business employees. Earlier, DOL…
Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month each May is a time to celebrate, reflect on and pay homage to the many generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who contributed their talents to America’s history. They came here with hopes of getting a slice of the American pie,…
Older workers
Workers 50 and older face a hurdle that younger peers don’t: how to overcome negative stereotypes that paint them as much more expensive, out of touch with technology and less productive.
After a lifetime of working, millions of Americans, and minority workers in particular, face the prospect of a difficult retirement because they have no access to a 401(k) savings plan.
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OK, so maybe I'm a little biased. But a new survey finds what we mothers have known all along: We're better than dads when it comes to discussing money matters with our adult kids.
When we think about retiring in the not-too-distant future, many of us get nervous, wondering whether we'll have enough saved to maintain our lifestyle throughout the years.
President Obama and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan went before  5,000 AARP members in New Orleans on Friday to make their respective cases and take questions, with each promising to do a better job of protecting Medicare, Social Security and other programs for older Americans.
Medicare and retirement security have been hot issues in this year's congressional campaigns, made even more critical with control of the Senate up for grabs. But you wouldn't know it from watching some of the debates in key battleground states.
Delegates at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., went on record today as committed to keeping the "promise'' of Social Security and Medicare for older Americans. But their 2012 platform is short on details of their own plans to maintain the financial strength of both…
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