richard dreyfuss

Every actor has a signature role. For General Hospital cast member John Ingle, it was his portrayal of Edward Quartermaine, one of the wealthiest men in fictional Port Charles, N.Y., and a schemer so cleverly insidious that Niccolo Machiavelli might have looked to him as a model for The Prince.
Tired of feeling hot and sticky this weekend?  Well, there are big chills guaranteed if you tune into A&E's four-hour "Coma" tomorrow and Tuesday nights (Sept. 3 and 4).
It's one thing for an actor to donate to their "cause" on a yearly basis or take part in some campaign ad -- but this is impressive. Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss has been enormously successful in his Hollywood career -- but lately, rather than looking for the next gig, he's been…
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