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Sexting - it's not just for kids anymore: Why is this the lede? Because it's topical and many people over 50, apparently, are doing it. 
MRI for skin cancer
Lots of interesting findings coming out of the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago: Two drugs are being hailed by scientists as a 'major breakthrough' in treating deadly skin cancer. About 8,700 people die from melanoma every year.  The treatments - vemurafenib and Yervoy - can significantly increase survival in patients with metastatic melanoma, the advanced and generally lethal form of skin cancer. ... To screen or not to screen, the debate continues: Testing for ovarian cancer doesn't reduce the risk of death, researchers say. Why no screening? The cancer likely won't be detected: "Because it produces few symptoms, the disease is typically not diagnosed until it has become advanced and spread throughout the body." ... Old drug, new finding: A breast cancer treatment cuts the risk of tumors in post-menopausal women by 65 percent, a new study shows.
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Updated: Jack Kevorkian, 83, dies. The trumpeter of assisted-suicide died Friday in a Detroit Hospital.
The death of screen legend Elizabeth Taylor was huge news last week. By this point you've read obits, appreciations and remembrances from every major news outlet. As much as you love her, you might be, as one colleague put it, "All Taylored-out." But allow us to offer one more Taylor appreciation.
(From the photographer: "This is my grandmother, Ellen Hammond, I took this picture in the 1970's when she was in her 90's. She was a strong Methodist but had a drink of stout and bet on the horses every day of her dotage." Via.)
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( Via.)
(A child responds to being told his great-grandmother (pictured) is dying: "It's ok, Mommy, because when he dies he can go in the same hole as GG! And they'll be together, because they're special friends." Via.)
reach for the bright side...
(Blaisdon, England. Via.)
(Looking out the front of the abandoned Chevron station located on I-40 at Exit 0, near Glenrio, on the Texas / New Mexico border. Via.)
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