Check Your Fridge: Bagged Dole Lettuce Recalled in 15 States

You may need to toss that tossed salad. Dole Food Co. is recalling nearly 800 cases of bagged Seven Lettuces salad in 15 states because they could be contaminated with salmonella. The Dole Seven Lettuces salad being recalled is marked with a use-by date of April 11, 2012 and Product Codes 0577N089112A or 0577N089112B, both of which can be found in the upper right corner of the package. It is also identified by the UPC code 71430 01057, located on …

Tainted Turkey: Have You Checked Your Freezer?

In the wake of one of the nation’s largest food recalls  — 36 million pounds of ground turkey suspected of salmonella contamination — federal health officials are urging consumers to check their freezers for ground turkey they may have bought weeks or months ago and to toss any packages that are now on the recall list. Because the contaminated products, including turkey patties and seasoned ground turkey, were produced between Feb. 20 and Aug. 2 of this year, consumers may …

The Takeaway: Living to 100; Obama Turns 50; Bubba Smith

All about the genes. So yesterday, we celebrated aging well with Helen Mirren’s big win for sexiest body and Jim Presseler’s secrets to looking and feeling young at 62. And then the mother of all Debbie Downer news was released.

The Takeaway: Americans Are Fed Up; Recession Rages; Salmonella Outbreak

Don’t mean to start the morning on a low note, but the numbers don’t lie. The recession rages and long-term unemployment rates are still high. As the country focuses on the very important issue of the debt ceiling (here’s an update), many segments of the population are asking,” Hey, remember us?” 

The Takeaway: E. coli; Vaccines; Heat Wave; Poorer Than Our Parents?

Germany expecting more E.coli deaths: The E. coli outbreak that has killed 24 people continues to mystify health experts – and the source has yet to be pinned down.