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As a generation, our millennial children have been the target of name calling: Generation Me, trophy kids, entitled, spoiled, technology addicted, even deluded narcissists. Many of those barbs came from academics and cultural critics.
On my favorite show, The Good Wife, Judge Patrice Lessner — played by Saturday Night Live alum Ana Gasteyer — tends to rule against any attorney who fails to add “in my opinion” after making a point in her courtroom. It’s a handy phrase to keep in mind for anyone tempted to judge a celebrity for…
Bernard "Bernie" Sahlins, co-founder of Chicago's  Second City theatrical troupe, wasn't a comedian himself. But thanks to him, we've all had a lot of laughs over the past few decades.
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What a brilliant idea, to add flavor and humor to "Unforgettable" by bringing in the Queen of Deadpan herself, Jane Curtin, as mouthy medical examiner Joanne Webster.  Her debut this month on the Poppy Montgomery-Dylan Walsh CBS crime procedural won her praise from both critics and fans.  For us,…
Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz is turning 54 today, and he is one Hollywood ham that people love to death -- or love to hate.
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