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savings challenge for tara
Frugal, penny-pincher, or just plain cheap. We all know someone who takes dollar-stretching to the max, or maybe that person is even you.
For me, the scariest thing about Halloween is something I read in the paper the other day. This year, Americans who celebrate Halloween will spend an average of $80 per person on costumes, decorations, treats and such.  That makes Halloween an $8 billion a year holiday, second only…
savings challenge for tara
I call it "bill creep." Most of us have experienced it. It starts with the bills you pay automatically, every month, without really taking the time to examine each and every one. Then one month you take a closer look at them, and you realize two things. First, the amount you're paying now is a lot…
savings challenge for tara
Today's a big day for me and all of my frugal friends in the Savings Challenge group here at In fact, it's even more exciting for a cheapskate like me than triple-coupon day at the supermarket!
Once or twice a year for the past four years I've had the pleasure of hosting an online "Savings Challenge" here on the AARP website. Members of the Savings Challenge group - now more than 5,000 strong - compete in weekly challenges throughout the month-long contest, and then three overall winners…
fishing rod
I'm one of those kind of people who actually enjoys spring cleaning. Sure, part of it is that it's refreshing to change things up around the house, and start to be able to once again make use of outside spaces like decks and patios.
Photo 12 - Flower Pot Bread
Springtime is gardening time, and here's a clever garden-themed repurposing tip:  Bake cute, individual servings of fresh bread in clay flowerpots, like those pictured here.
For my book The Cheapskate Next Door, I surveyed hundreds of proud "cheapskates" about - among other things - the oldest piece of clothing they own and at least occasionally still wear.  The answer, on average, was one or more apparel items dating back roughly to the time when Jimmy Carter was…
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eggshell candle
Here's a nifty decorating and gift idea just in time for Easter.  It's a daily double - or can even be a trifecta - of creative repurposing, since you can reuse not one, but two or even three items you normally throw away!
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