Weather satellites, which help warn the public of coming disasters like the tornado in Moore, Okla., will be delayed in launching because of budget cuts.
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Meals on Wheels programs across the nation are seeing the pain of federal budget cuts. The system that delivers hot meals to millions of home-bound or low-income seniors five days a week isn't near collapse. But with across-the-board spending cuts, called sequestration, taking hold since March 1, local programs have begun to limit who they serve and intend to pull back in other ways.
Everyone's got an opinion on the sequester, from "the sky is falling" to "ho-hum."
By Mary Agnes Carey, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
By Mary Agnes Carey, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
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Sequestration - that's the five-dollar word for the across-the-board budget cuts looming in the near future - sounds pretty arcane and abstract. But if the automatic cuts go into effect at the beginning of the year, many older Americans could feel them quite tangibly - when they go to the Social Security office, turn on the heat or hear their stomachs rumble.
While Medicare is largely protected from the " fiscal cliff" cuts that could come at the beginning of next year, take note: largely doesn't mean completely.
Special Post By Mary Agnes Carey | Kaiser Health News staff writer
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