Just last year I wrote about the Rev. Willie T. Barrow, nicknamed the Little Warrior, as an example of seasoned civil rights leaders who chose to stay in the battle instead of retiring.
Three Service Men Statue
It seems so easy. We pass a veteran in uniform in an airport or on the street and we nod and say, “Thank you for your service.”
Elder Louise Battle
When Louise Battle's husband died, their son was 7 and their daughter, 12. The grief was deep, but through her leadership and abiding faith, her family has not only maintained, but soared.
The tables were stacked high with groceries: pasta, peanut butter, cans of peaches and beans. In front, an assembly line of volunteer workers packed them in brown paper bags and passed them along to be loaded into cartons for delivery to a food bank.
First the good news: Millions of jobs that were lost during the Great Recession seem to be finally coming back.
AARP is pleased to celebrate National Volunteer Week, an annual opportunity to step back and recognize the hardworking volunteers who dedicate their time, talents and passions to improving every corner of this great nation. While it's easy to get caught up in statistics - more than 60 million volunteers, more than 7 billion hours of service - it's the "good" behind those numbers that is truly awesome.
The recently installed head of the Internal Revenue Service, John Koskinen, dropped in on members of the media the other day at the National Press Club in Washington.
Recent falling temperatures in parts of the U.S. have prompted a new wave of a time-tested power play - fraudsters posing as utility company workers who threaten to shut off your service because of supposedly unpaid bills.
Why are there so few veterans in Congress these days?
On Sept. 11, 2013, nearly two-thirds of AARP employees will not show up for work. Instead, they will be gardening, painting, reading to children, sorting and cleaning eyeglass donations, making toys and blankets for shelter animals, offering hygiene kits and friendly conversation to the local homeless, creating cards for sick children; visiting nursing home residents, removing toxic plants from the pastures of a therapeutic horseback riding program, and preparing and serving breakfast at a soup kitchen.  All of this " giving back" to their communities will take place - nationwide - on  AARP's 13 th annual Day of Service (DoS), held in remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy.
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