11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

News, discoveries and … fun 1. When a monkey takes a selfie, it raises complicated copyright issues. (Learn more at The Guardian) 2. A robot is hitchhiking across Canada. (Learn more at hitchBOT.me) 3. According to recent retirees, the average income you need to live comfortably is $58,000 a year. (Learn more at AARP) 4. It’s hard to hide $41,000 in your underwear. (Learn more at NBC10) >> Slideshow: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rick James 5. A bite from the …

The Takeaway: Are You Practicing Safe Sexting?

All right, fess up: How many of you have sent a text message that would make your mama (or teenage daughter) blush? It seems sending X-rated texts–aka "sexting"–isn't just an indulgence of the young: A recent online survey found one in 10 Americans age 55 or older use their cell phones to sext-message.

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

More on how olive oil can lower your risk of having a stroke. … Rita Wilson tapped as editor of Huff/Post 40. The actress is heading a new site the Huffington Post is launching in August geared toward Boomers over 40. And what Friday would be right without a good debate? Mary Elizabeth Williams over at Salon gives her take about the “absurdity” of lumping several generations together with the phrase “over 40.”

The Takeaway: Sexting; Sandwich Generation; Olive Oil

Updated: Anthony Weiner, right, resigns. Why is this news in this space? People over 50 are sexting more often than you think. While it may not be in the same manner as the former New York Congressman – many are doing it to keep things spicy with their spouses and partners – it is happening.

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

Watch your step: The bathroom is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. A recent CDC report looked at bathroom-related injuries in 1998. Every day that year about 640 people were treated in emergency departments for fractures and cuts related to falls. Highlights: Women were hurt more than men; the highest number of injuries were among adults older than age 65. The report is significant because it’s the first to not only measure the number of …

The Takeaway: Sexting; Health Care Law; iCloud

Sexting – it’s not just for kids anymore: Why is this the lede? Because it’s topical and many people over 50, apparently, are doing it.