Hanky Panky 461 barenecess
Bloomers are booming—and I’m flipping out.
Normally, I’m a sucker for the sweetly prepackaged romance of Valentine’s Day.
Wasn’t there a cool babe in this mirror just a week ago?
Lauren Bacall
Her résumé read "actress," but Lauren Bacall was first and foremost a Hollywood movie star.
Revlon lipstick
Am I the only one who witnessed Sharon Stone coming out this spring?
Heart Truth NY fl05
The beautiful women who display designers' new fashions on the runway and grace magazine covers are more than just celebrities - they're brand names in their own right.  We even have a word for them: supermodels.
Demi Moore - on vacation in Mexico_0007
It's midsummer, brutally hot and lots of us haven't been to the beach or pool yet.  The question is why not? If you can't stand the heat, humidity and  sweaty grossness of it ... fine. If you have serious skin cancer issues and find any real sun exposure off limits ... fine. Intimidated by recent…
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