Sid Kirchhheimer

Lost wallet left on bench with cash and credit cards
Along with death and taxes, there’s a third certainty of life: At some point, your wallet will go AWOL. Whether it’s just temporarily missing under a seat cushion or swiped by a thief and never returned, prepare now because a lost or stolen wallet often results in identity theft.
Keyboard typing
Maybe you are among the 110 million Target shoppers whose payment card or personal information was hacked during the recent holiday shopping season. Perhaps you are one of the 1 million-plus Neiman Marcus customers whose data was exposed in a 2013 breach just recently announced.
Target store
Hackers have stolen confidential data from as many as  40 million credit and debit cards that shoppers used at Target stores from the day before Thanksgiving until December 15.
Don't " bank" on the authenticity of phone calls or text messages that claim to be from your financial institution, warning that there's a problem with your account, debit card or credit card.
Recent falling temperatures in parts of the U.S. have prompted a new wave of a time-tested power play - fraudsters posing as utility company workers who threaten to shut off your service because of supposedly unpaid bills.
During Medicare Open Enrollment,  which started Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7, there's usually an uptick in online spam pitching supplemental plans.
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