skin care after 50

skin care from book
I started paying attention to my skin when I hit 50.  Before that I would slap on whatever cream was around, used sunscreen only when I was at the beach, and figured I'd already damaged my skin by spending countless hours in the sun, slathered with baby oil mixed with iodine, even speeding up the…
I have no problem spending money on beauty products  - especially if they work! For example, I love my jar of  Clinique Moisture Surge and my small stash of  By Terry Baume de Rose for Lips. But, both products are expensive.
We are always looking out for the next 'new thing''--that one diet that will help us drop 15 lbs, or the skin cream with the latest anti-aging ingredient that promises to erase every wrinkle-instead of just taking some good, simple advice about what really works (and what doesn't). No matter how…
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