smart grid

Photo: Crain's Chicago Business breaks down the amount of money ComEd spends lobbying to get their way...very disturbing.
A couple of days ago the Chicago Tribune ran  an editorial that was supposed to make us all feel sorry for ComEd and their oh-so-difficult-struggles to implement a so-called smart grid. It went on to explain how each time ComEd has tried to raise their rates unchecked or how when ComEd refused to refund consumers' money that was rightfully theirs, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) got in the way. WOW, what was the ICC thinking...*sarcasm*  As many of you know, AARP Illinois (and thousands of our members), the Attorney General, and Governor Quinn have been battling ComEd for quite some time. This is not about SmartGrid. It's about Rate Hikes.  Below is our State Director's response to the Chicago Tribune story. It hasn't been printed yet...we'll be the first to let you know if it is. In the meantime, head on over to our  Facebook Page and check out what our fans think ComEd could have done with the 16.2 million dollars they spent lobbying in 2011.
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