When It Comes to Politics, the Nose Knows

In the endless search to make sense of American politics, scientists have determined that smell matters. Individuals who are attracted to the body odor of others (including spouses), it turns out, are more likely to share their political and ideological views. This from a new study (“Assortative Mating on Ideology Could Operate Through Olfactory Cues”) published in the American Journal of Political Science. >> AARP Voter Education Guide The three authors of the study write that olfaction — the sense …

The Takeaway: Older Men And Women Smell Better

A new study found people 75 to 90 years old have a recognizable <strong>smell</strong> that can't be explained fully by diet, environment or anything else. It was distinctive enough that younger participants could identify an older person by body odor alone–but not unpleasant. In fact, older men and women were rated as less intense and less unpleasant smelling than other age groups.