A doctor holding up a heart over their chest
A growing body of research shows that habits which benefit your heart also protect brain health. Even habits that you adopt later in life may help.
An overhead look of marijuana leaves
When researchers looked at the marijuana habits of a group of people ages 18 to 30, and then again 25 years later, one finding rose above the fog.
Two women jogging outside on a sunny day
A new report shows Americans are getting better at smoking less, exercising more and reducing deaths from heart disease, but the past year has also brought an alarming rise in the rate of drug deaths, obesity and diabetes.
Leonard Nimoy
Actor Leonard Nimoy — Mr. Spock to his legions of Star Trek fans — has died at age 83 from a destructive lung disease called COPD, telling his fans in a poignant tweet last month: “Don’t smoke. I did. Wish I never had.”
Monica Bellucci, new Bond Girl
News, discoveries and ... fun.
Thorax X-ray of the lungs
In a move that could affect an estimated 4 million older adults, Medicare announced that it plans to start covering annual lung cancer screening for longtime smokers at high risk for the disease.
3-D Printed Dog Nose
News, discoveries and ... fun
Scientists are working on technology that would predict how long you're likely to live based on how your face has aged, the Washington Post reports.
Imagine that you've been living for a decade in an apartment building for seniors. You've settled in, made friends and think of it as home.
Notable events from our shared experience.
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