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Are you looking for a new job or considering a career change? Many experienced workers share the sentiment that navigating today’s job market is not as easy as it was perhaps 20 years ago. In the world of social media and job hunting online, it can become even more difficult to navigate the myriad…
Guest blog by Jacqueline Beauchere, Director, Privacy, Accessibility & Online Safety, Trustworthy Computing Communications, Microsoft Corporation
We know that everyone is using social networks these days - and that boomers are social networking more and more. A recent AARP study on the matter showed that more than a quarter of Americans age 50+ are on social networking sites.
We've talked about it before, but it just keeps coming up in the news! The baby boomer generation has such a great presence online - and the nation is taking notice.
We've talked about the popularity of social networking, Facebook and Twitter all before here on ShaarpSession. But what we don't always mention enough is taking care of your personal information while still being open and social on these great platforms.
Remember the new social networking section on AARP we blogged about last week? Well, it looks like it may come in handy after we find a new study showing that not only are the numbers of 50+ Facebook users skyrocketing, but their younger counterparts are actually decreasing:
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This is awesome. AARP is featuring a social networking section on the site, giving folks some tips on how to dive into the social networking world, as well as some funny stories of web 2.0 overload like "Confessions of a Facebook Addict."
While we know that the number of older folks using Facebook are skyrocketing, it looks like Twitter users are catching up too. And they ain't all young.
Social networking sites aren't just for kids anymore as millions of older people sign up.
Boomers and older generations are not just using the Internet to check email and book travel. More and more adults are joining LinkedIn and Facebook for networking purposes, and even grandparents are now exploring the world of social media as a way to stay in touch with grandchildren.
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