Social Security

AARP will never stop fighting to protect Social Security, so it stays strong for you and future generations of Americans.
AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins urges Congress to keep Social and Security and Medicare cuts off the table in any deal to avoid a debt default.
We're urging the Social Security Administration to use funding from a recently approved budget increase to address problems with customer service at the agency.
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A new AARP poll found that 66 percent of Utah residents want the state to drop its tax on Social Security benefits.
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Although COVID-19 had a sudden, profound impact on the U.S. economy, its impact on the fiscal health of Social Security has been modest.
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Vermont lawmakers passed a bill that will expand the number of residents exempt from paying state taxes on Social Security benefits.
AARP wrote to lawmakers in the House and Senate this week urging them to better fund a Social Security Administration dealing with customer service problems.
More than 80 percent of AARP members say they’re either extremely or very worried about access to Social Security in the future.
The bipartisan Improving Social Security’s Service to Victims of Identity Theft Act would streamline assistance to victims of identity theft.
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Nebraska lawmakers passed LB 873, which will, among other things, exempt all Social Security benefits from state taxes by 2025.
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