Social Security Administration

Instamos a la Administración del Seguro Social a que utilice fondos del aumento presupuestario para abordar los problemas con el servicio al cliente.
We're urging the Social Security Administration to use funding from a recently approved budget increase to address problems with customer service at the agency.
West view of the United States Capitol building
We’re urging lawmakers to prioritize funding for the Social Security Administration, housing assistance programs and others benefiting older adults.
Congress has recently made some important changes aimed at helping people have a smooth transition to Medicare.
You may not think of Social Security as an economic stimulus program, but it is.
Granny, get your gun? The Internet rumor mill has been buzzing in full force after the Social Security Administration posted notice of a recent ammunition purchase. Why would the agency responsible for pension and disability benefits need 174,000 hollow-point bullets?
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