The Takeaway: Number of Americans Taking Social Security Early Hits 35-Year Low

In 2011, the number of Americans taking early Social Security benefits dropped to a 35-year low, according to a new report from the Urban Institute. For the second consecutive year, those taking benefits fell (to 27% of the number of eligible older adults). That's down from 31% in 2009, reestablishing a 12-year downward trend interrupted only by the recent recession.

Lowest Number Of Social Security Benefits Awarded Since 1976

Record numbers of Boomers and older adults took Social Security retirement benefits at the height of the Great Recession, in large part to supplement their faltering income as joblessness rose. But a new report out this month finds that the financial situation of older workers may have turned around. The number of people 62-plus who filed for Social Security last year fell to the lowest rate in 35 years, the report by the non-profit Urban Institute says. An improving jobs market was …