sound of music

As the “Movies for Grownups” Radio Show signs off after 12 years, here’s our farewell mashup of unforgettable celluloid so-longs.
Two new movies feature characters whose lives change when they try on mysterious shoes. A third film treads a well-worn path to mediocrity.
News, discoveries and ... fun
In 1938, Maria von Trapp fled the Nazi takeover of her Austrian homeland along with her father, her siblings, and her  similarly named governess-turned-stepmother,  Maria Kutschera von Trapp. Their adventure eventually inspired  one of the most beloved film musicals in history,   The Sound of Music, which made Julie Andrews (who played stepmother Maria) into a superstar.
I didn't get to watch a lot of movies as a kid. (It's a long story.) The few ones I did watch left indelible impressions. As it turns out, when you watch the Sound of Music close to 30 or 40 times as a young teenaged woman, Christopher Plummer sticks in your mind. (As does the soundtrack. These are a few of my favorite things...La la la la...) 
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