Star Wars

If you recently changed your password to “starwars” in honor of the blockbuster movie, congratulations. Your new password is among the world’s worst — or rather, one of the most hackable.
Lake Myvatn
Si hay un tema del que se esté hablando en todos los rincones del planeta es el estreno del séptimo episodio de la saga La guerra de las galaxias (o Star Wars), El despertar de la fuerza ( The Force Awakens). Luego de diez años de la última película, hay quienes recuentan los episodios anteriores,…
As the “Movies for Grownups” Radio Show signs off after 12 years, here’s our farewell mashup of unforgettable celluloid so-longs.
Inspired by a German retirement community's viral success earlier this year with what one website lauded as "probably the best calendar ever," residents of nine senior living communities across the United States have tweaked the concept to produce a homegrown calendar in which they recreate some…
Notable events from our shared experience.
Jar Jar
If I didn't know better, I would have sworn Sideshow Mel was trying to escape.
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