A Big Day for Combating Age Discrimination

Yesterday, AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond made AARP’s stance on age discrimination known: AARP fully and “vigorously” – according to the New York Times – backs the proposed legislation Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act. The legislation would overturn a four-month-old Supreme Court ruling that makes it difficult for workers to win age discrimination cases. In the case, Gross v. F.B.L. Financial Services, the court established a different burden of proof for age discrimination than that of discrimination based …

News To Know: Funding For High Speed Rail Travel Is ‘On Track’

President Obama has expressed his desire for stimulus funds to go toward expanding high-speed rail service in the country.

Nearly Half of Older Californians Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Looks like sunny California isn’t as sunny as it seems. New research conducted by UCLA Center for Health Policy Research found that 47% of California residents aged 65 and older are unable to pay for basic needs. The Mercury News reports: The new data reveal far deeper poverty rates among seniors than was previously known. According to the decades-old standard of measuring poverty, only 9 to 10 percent of California seniors were considered poor, that is, earning less than $10,000 …

On The (Medical) Record

Health IT, already popular concept, has received a huge boost in funding from the stimulus package. But will doctors use it?

News To Know: Show Me The (Stimulus) Money

Be sure to learn about all the money in the stimulus package that's for you.

News To Know: Economic Fixes In The Works

Earlier this week Congress voted on a stimulus package aimed at reviving the economy.