We haven't discovered a cure for Alzheimer's, or a drug that reverses the ravages of the disease, but researchers may have found a treatment to slow disease progression that's simple, cheap and safe.
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To help your aging eyes, think about improving what you eat.
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Herbal supplements, like echinacea, ginkgo biloba and St. John's wort, are taken by millions of Americans to supposedly help fight off colds, relieve mild depression, improve memory and any number of other unproven claims.
High doses of pure American ginseng, taken by cancer patients and survivors for just two months, brought marked improvement in the severe fatigue often experienced both during and after chemotherapy, a new study has found.
If you need to take a vitamin D supplement, be aware you may be getting far less or far more than the label shows, a new study shows.
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It's that time of year again; here on the East Coast, we're unpacking our sweaters, and doing a quick inventory of summer, a sort of fall cleaning. Do you do do a seasonal survey of your closet?
For those of you who are over 50 and are clueless about what vitamins you should be taking (I'll admit I'm a culprit), you definitely want to check out this neat tool that AARP created so you can see what vitamins are important for your dietary needs:
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