June Krauser
It's probably pretty rare to have someone launch a sports competition and then also excel in it. But that's the story of June Krauser.
DeEtte Sauer profile photo
Swimming saved DeEtte Sauer's life.
Before you pack your swimsuit, check out the latest report card on U.S. beaches with the least and most pollution.
Dollar value of taxes and benefits
Ready for summer fun?
Eric Spector, Ironman Finish
People like Eric Spector amaze those of us who consider a slow walk up a moving escalator to be a real workout. The California businessman challenged himself to complete 10 kick-butt athletic events in a single year-his 65 th.
Diana Nyad on the Austin Walk at SXSW
Hey everyone! It's team AARP from SXSW - Karin Miller (TN), Kim Loop, (TX), Jenn Baier, (IL) and Jim Flaherty and Jessica Prell (WI) this morning we got to go on a walk with Diana Nyad while she was at SXSW. We were so inspired! 
Update: Sad news! Soon after I posted this update this morning, CNN reported that Diana Nyad had to be pulled from the water due to severe jellyfish stings and a dangerous lightening storm. "With all the threats continuing, Diana decided that it was not a risk that we wanted to take," Nyad's operations chief Mark Sollinger said.
AARP's Prime Time Radio interviews Mark Spitz about his take on Olympic athletes today - Michael Phelps in particular.
With five gold medals so far in Beijing and a chance for three more, Michael Phelps is already the winningest olympian of all time and he is in position to break the record for most golds in a single olympic games. Is he the best athlete in the world?
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