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I've been writing about the landmark gaming study by Dr. Jennifer Jacobs Henderson, associate professor and department chair, and Dr. Aaron Delwiche, associate professor, of the Department of Communication at Trinity University. Their study is based on over 32,000 users of  Wizard101, an online…
By Julia Appleby, Kaiser Health News. This story was produced in collaboration with USA Today
Instead of leaning on each other in their golden years, divorced parents may lean more heavily on grown children for care and support. Experts say adults whose parents are divorced should be prepared for the extra time and financial demands that aging and unmarried parents could require.
Anyone who has or may someday have family in a nursing home, take note: A mandatory arbitration agreement is probably not in your loved one's best interest. Though such agreements are becoming increasingly common at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, there's good reason for family members of residents not to sign.
The person you hire from an agency to take care of your ailing, aging family member -- shouldn't that caregiver have passed a federal background check? Or drug testing? Or be screened for skills and training?
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It's about as ugly as a story can get. An employee with JPMorgan Chase in Louisiana has been accused of siphoning $100,000 from the bank account of a customer suffering from Alzheimer's, according to a lawsuit reported by the Huffington Post.
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