Amy Goyer shares the ways she gets her Dad to eat when Alzheimer's interferes & emphasizes healthy foods.
When I was a kid, my sisters and I used to call Dad the "human garbage disposal" because he was happy to finish off anything we had left on our plates.
Amy Goyer outlines a new report on the strength of multigenerational families.
The Beatles might have gotten by with a little help from their friends, but I couldn't do it without my family - especially when it comes to caregiving for my parents. Knowing my sisters will help is invaluable, whether I'm having trouble coordinating Dad's care and my work schedule or I'm simply feeling tired and overwhelmed. We support Dad and each other through this difficult time.
Amy Goyer discusses a creative mother-son web series connecting the generations.
Most adult children will tell you they think their mothers are superstars, but Pat Seftel really is one - thanks to her film director son, Josh. The two collaborate on a Web series, My Mom on Movies, in which Pat shares her observations about everything from movie stars (she loves Bradley Cooper) to books (she embarrassed herself talking about 50 Shades of Grey) and politics (she says Anthony Weiner is in "deep doo-doo").
What are you telling us?
Gallup public opinion surveys consistently show that nursing is the most trustworthy profession in America. This recognition comes with a responsibility - to help people manage their health conditions with the confidence that they can do it.
Amy Goyer discusses in-home services to help her grandparents age in place and how Older Americans Act helped.
When I became a caregiver for my dad's parents, Grandmother Genevieve had dementia and Granddaddy C.V., 10 years her senior, was struggling to care for her. I remember realizing they were getting by on a meager breakfast at home and a single meal at a cafeteria. Getting Grandmother into the car and Granddaddy driving her to the cafeteria were becoming scary, so I contacted the local Area Agency on Aging and arranged for delivery of Meals on Wheels to their home.
For millennia, the home provided a roof over our heads, a place to raise a family. Later on, pride of place set in and the home became our personal castle. And in recent decades, homeowners counted on rapidly appreciating housing values to help secure some measure of financial security and independence.
Study shows companies are increasingly offering eldercare benefits and programs for their employees. Work flexibility is one way.
Finally, employers seem to be getting the message that many of their workers have caregiving demands.
AARP study asks people age 50+ what would make their community more livable
What makes someone age 50+ want to stay in their community - or want to leave? For most, the answer is feeling safe and having good schools.
Amy Goyer describes her journey with grief after losing her Mom and how acupuncture has helped.
The path of grief is a very individual journey - no two people grieve exactly alike. It has been six months today since my mom passed on. For me it has been a very bumpy path, complicated by continuing to care for my dad and support him in his grief as he battles Alzheimer's disease.
New report says home and community-based services is a good alternative to assisted living or nursing home care
You may feel you have stark choices for frail and elderly family members: Keep them at home without the help and support they need, or help them move to an  assisted living facility or a nursing home to get those services.
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