Tattoo trend for women 50+
Fashion designer Betsey Johnson, age 70, got her cartoon-esque, lightning bolt chest tattoo way back in 1974. However, it wasn't until Melanie Griffith inked a heart labeled Antonio on her right bicep in 2000 at age 42 that body art for grown-up girls became the edgy thing to do.  Susan Sarandon inked her kids initials on her neck and upper back and Helen Mirren has a tiny doo-dad on her left hand. Let's be honest though; lots of women 50+ still think any kind of tattoo is tacky (even on guys). Others love the mystery of a tiny permanent bracelet on their ankle or wrist, a cluster of stars on a foot or an inspirational phrase winding down their spine. Some older babes regret getting  tattoos as their weight, lifestyle, looks or skin texture change. If you're considering a tattoo, read this first:
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