Vivi for Taxaide
Vivi Luangkhot has volunteered for the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program for four years. An accountant who works for AARP by day, she first found she enjoyed helping others fill out their returns when she was in college. “I always enjoyed doing tax returns,” she says. “I do it for myself and I do it for my family.”
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Why does the worst part of winter hit at the same time most Americans start preparing their taxes? Must be misery is better when it comes all at once.
Hello, IRS? Is anyone there?
Marcy Gouge loves helping people. In fact, Marcy, the Assistant National Director for  AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, also finds herself volunteering for the program throughout Maryland and DC. But this past year, she decided to take her volunteer work "on the road" while vacationing in Hawaii.
Hola, Jenn from the Comms team here letting you know about a great AARP Foundation program, the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program. I seriously love this program and our Tax-Aide volunteers. Let me tell you why.
Tax Season
For many of us, the first quarter of the year is usually synonymous with tax season. Soon, 1099 and W-2 forms will start to hit mailboxes around the country. Have you begun preparing your paperwork?
For many years, AARP has worked tirelessly on behalf of the 50+ community by creating opportunities for our members to support and make an enduring social impact through programs that lift the financial and physical well-being of older Americans. The organization has also focused efforts on multicultural families particularly in the Latino, African American, and Asian communities by facilitating volunteerism for our members. One such volunteer effort in the Latino community is ' Compartir es Vivir' which allows you to serve your community through flexible scheduling. Whether it's five hours or five minutes of time, the ' Compartir es vivir' program connects participants with community service organizations in their area, allowing them to choose from a selection of programs as well as their level of commitment. To learn more please visit this link.
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Most people aren't thinking "taxes" in August, unless they filed for an extension on last April's filing deadline. But if you want to volunteer to help others during the 2012 filing season, now is the time to sign on to AARP Tax-Aide - the nation's largest free tax preparation and assistance service.
I found this article from the New York Times today particularly interesting. It's about doctors asking the right questions of their patients, and taking the time to understand a patient's history - rather than just "checking the right boxes." The author tells a seemingly negligible story of a patient calling about a headache - but by asking the right questions, the doctor on the line saved the life of that patient, who was suffering from a rare postpartum condition.
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