The Closer

Tony Denison, Mary McDonnell
Now that the baton has been passed from "The Closer" to "Major Crimes," will the new show maintain good momentum, or fade as the weeks go by?   If we are to believe star Mary McDonnell, it will run its own race with lots of kicks ahead for fans.
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So, the long goodbye is almost over.  After a year of talking about the end of "The Closer" and the beginning of "Major Crimes" -- the departure of  Kyra Sedgwick and the promotion of Mary McDonnell -- the transition finally is taking place tomorrow night (8/13).  Beginning at 9 o'clock, "The Closer" ends with a  heartfelt finale, followed by " Major Crimes'" debut at 10. Will this old-cast-with-new-lead gambit prove a success, as in, say, Kirstie Alley coming aboard "Cheers" or the gang on "ER" moving forward without George Clooney?  Or is that the fin of a soon-to-be-jumped shark out there in the TNT waters?
Kyra Sedgwick's "The Closer" returns to the TNT lineup for its final batch of six original episodes tomorrow night (7/9) - and they're absolutely must-see viewing for fans of the smart, bitingly funny police procedural.  Sedgwick's candy-gobbling Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is well on her way to her day of reckoning for all those rules she's been bending, smashing and ignoring through these seven seasons of squeezing, tricking, cajoling and seducing confessions from her criminal quarry.
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