thinning hair

Sandy and Christie Brinkley
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Thinning hair on brush
Losing 100 to 150 strands of hair per day may sound catastrophic, but it’s actually the normal rate. If you’re shedding more than that, however, you may be one of the millions of women who are experiencing hair loss. The result is hard-to-handle thinning hair.
Good hair
Every woman 50 + has a love/hate affair with her hair and a mental slide show of our greatest  hits and disasters. Mine includes the day I cut bangs (yay!), the week I went back to brunette on Monday and blonded up again on Friday (oy!) and the shag that puffed up into a frizzball (never again!) Like checking out photos of ex-es on Facebook, these images remind us not to look back but also not to give up. So your hair is not what it was - join the club!  Three fixes help you move on fast. If your hair is:
Every  50+ woman wants her old hair back  -the thick lush locks we took for granted forever. Our hair is all tied up with vanity and confidence. We envy (and wonder) about peers with oomph-y manes. Is it great genes? Extensions? A wig? Some secret vitamin supplement? Super-star stylist Mark Garrison, owner of the Mark Garrison Salon in NYC specializes in cuts and tricks that turn fine, thin aging hair voluptuous again. Just ask his clients or better yet follow his tips:
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