Redford Takes a Walk; You Choose Your Fave Film

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: One of the year’s best grownup buddy movies, A Walk in the Woods starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, comes to DVD on Dec. 29. The folks at Broad Green Pictures have given us this sneak peek (click image at left) at one of the disc’s extras: a vignette exploring the friendship between the two characters — and the stars themselves.     AT LAST, A MOVIE AWARD YOU CHOOSE! We’ve opened the online polls for this year’s …

Quartet: A Movies For Grownups Video Review

Dustin Hoffman steps behind the camera to direct his first movie, the warmly wonderful comedy Quartet. In this week’s video review and clips, Bill Newcott marvels at how Hoffman lets his veteran cast do what they do best.   Photo: Kerry Brown/The Weinstein Company