Want to hear something scary ? The sun is getting brighter, there is less protective ozone and we're spending more time outdoors exposed to UV rays due to global climate changes (spring now starts earlier and fall begins later!). And if that isn't enough to send you running to your dermatologist:  UV exposure increases 33 % for every 20 % of ozone layer loss, resulting in a 33 % increase in the rate of skin cancer. Who says? Top research scientists at the Neutrogena Skin Summit 2013. I hope bikini wearers like Ivana Trump, Helen Mirren and Sharon Stone are reading this! I interviewed one of the conference participants and a member of our own 50 + AARP demo, NYC dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day for an update. Three things you need to know:
Food Queue in Japan
Of the millions affected by the earthquake and tsunami, that hit Japan nearly two weeks ago, its  seniors were the worst hit.
a Ishirí´ Honda Gojira Godzilla DVD Review PDVD_016
The destroyer rises from the ocean, utterly unexpected, leaves untold destruction in its wake; and gives rise to the threat of nuclear destruction.
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