Young Boy Smiling at Table
In Norman Rockwell’s familiar Thanksgiving fantasy, Grandma presents a glistening turkey to a happy, multigenerational family.
Will airport security let me bring my pie as a carry-on? Can I cook a frozen turkey? Does deep-frying a bird really work? You have holiday questions, we have answers.
turkey in dryer
Under the heading "Don't Try This At Home," comes this photo of actress Zooey Deschanel, star of the new Fox TV sitcom "New Girl," trying unsuccessfully to defrost a Thanksgiving turkey in the dryer on a recent episode.
"You must be cooking two Thanksgiving dinners, huh?" the supermarket cashier said to me.
turkey dinner.JPG
The holiday of being thankful shouldn't also be the holiday of being broke -- after all, turkeys and the other delicious food that goes into a Thanksgiving feast can be quite a strain on your wallet. So AARP took the initiative of putting together some tips on how to spend less:
Thanksgiving humor for all.
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