Los estadounidenses inventaron Facebook y Twitter, pero en lo que al deporte se refiere son Barcelona y Real Madrid, los archirrivales de la liga española de fútbol, los que encabezan la lista de los equipos deportivos con más seguidores mundiales en las redes sociales, de acuerdo con la lista de…
Can millennials take a joke? Perhaps an SNL skit or an online parody passes muster, but sometimes a topic can hit too close to home, igniting a flame war on social media. That’s what happened to Los Angeles Times humor columnist Chris Erskine when he in effect told millennials to grow up.
When Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars premieres tonight, it will feature three celebrity contestants 60 or older. It’s another smart casting call by ABC execs, who are well aware that last year’s median age for DWTS viewers was 61.6.
Si bien el presidente Barack Obama es el líder mundial con mayor número de seguidores en Twitter, es el papa Francisco —guía de la Iglesia Católica— quien ocupa el primer lugar entre los líderes más influyentes en la red social, de acuerdo con el más reciente estudio Twiplomacy, realizado por la…
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A selfie can’t change the world — or can it, just a little?
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The medium is the message, Marshall McLuhan famously noted. And in a touch screen world, our relationships with our adult children improve with the more communications media we use. While millennials enjoy chatting on the phone or Skype, they also want parents to “lurk” on Facebook, Instagram,…
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Burger King's Black Burger Fixings
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Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri Martino
Actress Susan Sarandon, 67, has played grandmothers in motion pictures, including The Lovely Bones (2009) and, more recently, Tammy.
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Some parents have battled over technology use with their children since grammar school. First came the debate on what age to allow their own cellphones. Then we moved on to laptops in the bedroom, limiting computer time, blocking certain websites. Then texting during meals and conversations. Now we…
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