Mar 2019
Not Adding Up
On Friday Congress passed and the President signed legislation that will prevent another partial government shutdown like the one last month that captured headlines for weeks. But beyond the headlines, the shutdown also served as a very public reminder of a widespread reality in urgent need of solutions: far too many American families are a paycheck away from financial distress.
Dec 2018 blog table
Employment Overview
Connecting at home in her retirement
From creating a trailblazing initiative that trains bank employees to identify and report suspected financial exploitation, to shining the light on the detrimental health effects and high costs of social isolation, AARP’s Public Policy Institute kept a frenetic pace in 2018, underscoring its identity as a leading “think-and-do” tank. Throughout the year, PPI researched, crunched data and analyzed critical policy issues facing older adults and presented solutions and findings here.
October 2018 blog table
Employment Overview
Mature designer looking at laptop
The share of the workforce ages 65 and older is growing, but a new Public Policy Institute (PPI) report reveals that jobseekers in this age group continue to face challenges in their search for work.
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