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Treasury bond
A friend sent me the following article from the USA Today insert of his local paper. The article proclaimed “ The 60/40 stock-and-bond portfolio mix is dead in 2016” and went on to explain that with bond interest rates near historical lows, one should reach for higher returns by taking more risk…
There are two schools of thought about USA Today founder Al Neuharth, who died on April 19 at age 89 in Cocoa Beach, Fla. Some think he helped ruin the newspaper, an institution older than our country itself, by turning it into a paper-and-ink imitation of TV news. Others think he helped modernized…
The major budget cuts looming on March 1 are a bad idea, whether you know much about them or not.
Heart attack
How heart smart are you?
statin pills
One in four Americans over age 45 take a statin to lower their cholesterol, but a new study says the popular drugs may increase the risk of diabetes.
Have you seen any of USA Today's series this week: " Senior Moments?" It's a great series with a ton of interesting and informational stories, put together in tribute to the oldest Baby Boomers turning 65 (what the Social Security Administration calls full retirement age) next year.
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