Hombres trabajan con líneas eléctricas en un poste
AARP Oklahoma sent a moratorium request to the state’s corporation commission, which is considering a proposed $164 million electricity rate hike from the state’s OG&E power company.
AARP pushed back on the Northern Indiana Public Service Company's proposal to raise natural gas rates and prices for customers.
AARP is fighting against the Bismarck-based Montana-Dakota Utilities company's proposal to raise household electricity rates by 17 percent.
Hombres trabajan con líneas eléctricas en un poste
AARP California is urging the state's public utilities commission to reject a proposed utility rate hike by Pacific Gas & Electric.
AARP New York is joining the Public Utility Law Project in calling on state lawmakers to act in an upcoming budget resolution to avoid a widespread utility shutoff.
Hombres trabajan con líneas eléctricas en un poste
The legislation will residents who apply for state utility assistance 60 days before their electricity, water and other utilities can be shut off.
Depressed Senior Adult Man With Stacks of Papers and Envelopes
A proposed rule would disproportionately impact SNAP households with seniors.
Financial counseling
As Maureen McCarty and I meet with Maria (not her real name), I realize the compounded struggles of the poor. Maria’s English speaking and comprehension are limited. She and her husband are separated. Her son’s health issues complicate her search for work. And at this moment, with area rents…
With plenty of sunny days still ahead - but with summer vacation nearing its sunset for kids and grandkids - here's a fun, inexpensive and educational project to do with the young people in your life during the dog days of summer.  Build a simple solar oven (aka a "solar cooker") from repurposed…
It's a new year and a brand new season of AARP LiVE on RFD-TV. Don't miss the next edition coming up Thursday, January 17th at 9pm CT, 10pm ET. You'll get expert advice on how to save money on utilities, find out where you can go to get help with filing your taxes, and learn the warning signs that…
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