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winter heating
Rising heating and energy costs are likely to hit Americans’ pocketbooks hard this winter, as temperatures drop and heating bills rise.
Hombres trabajan con líneas eléctricas en un poste
AARP Oklahoma sent a moratorium request to the state’s corporation commission, which is considering a proposed $164 million electricity rate hike from the state’s OG&E power company.
New York on Thursday allocated $250 million from its 2023 state budget to reduce or eliminate electric and gas utility debts for low-income residents.
Hombres trabajan con líneas eléctricas en un poste
The legislation will residents who apply for state utility assistance 60 days before their electricity, water and other utilities can be shut off.
Let's hope you've recovered from Groggy Monday, the day after we turn our clocks ahead an hour (and lose an hour of sleep) for that  convoluted practice called daylight saving time.
Whether you're concerned about saving the environment or just interested in saving yourself a few bucks, equipping your house with a solar energy system is an interesting, albeit rather complicated, proposition to consider.
energy vampire slayer
As AARP's Sustainability Manager, Pam Evans has led the effort to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into AARP's internal business operations. She's passionate about educating members on the importance of responsible use of resources, and the direct connection between the declining…
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