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Older adult getting a shot
In the time of COVID-19, flu vaccination rates among the 50+ remain stubbornly low.
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This is a guest post by Philip L. Graitcer and the fourth in a five-part series about a group of dedicated Rotary volunteers helping to eradicate polio in Kaduna, Nigeria.
Ken Hughes volunteer giving vaccine
This is a guest post by Philip L. Graitcer and the third in a five-part series about a group of dedicated Rotary volunteers helping to eradicate polio in Kaduna, Nigeria.  
Have you gotten your flu shot? 'Tis the season, it's not over yet. This week is National Influenza Vaccination Week. You might think that if you haven't gotten your vaccination by now that there's no reason. You still should! A vaccination now can still help you against this season's flu.
September! Already! Of course, that means a sort of unofficial start of cold and flu season. The CDC recommends that we get vaccinated against flu starting in September because the flu can start to spread as early as October. What do you need to know to keep healthy? At the risk of sounding…
Flu shot
This is a guest post by Annie Lynsen, on loan to AARP from Small Act.
We've been reminding you for weeks, but we're not done: It's time to get your flu shot. If you're over 50, the flu can be particularly dangerous. And if you're a parent or a caregiver for older loved ones, it's especially easy to spread the virus to your family.
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Yep, folks. That's me...getting my flu shot. I just got it,too. About a week ago. After missing my vaccination clinic at work...then being too busy (okay, maybe too lazy and scared) to head down to a drugstore or to call my doctor to get father took me over to our neighborhood CVS for my…
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