Live Q&A on Coronavirus: What We’ve Learned and Moving Forward
The world is starting to return to a “new normal” two years after COVID-19 was first declared a global pandemic.
Live Q&A on Coronavirus: Boosters, Testing and Nursing Home Safety
We discussed the future of boosters and testing for COVID-19 and what nursing home residents and staff can expect in the months ahead.
Older adult getting a shot
AARP sent a letter to lawmakers on Thursday demanding they immediately pass critical funding necessary to protect the health and safety of older Americans.
The message from recent data is clear: nursing home residents and staff need booster shots now.
Now that we are reaching a point where the U.S. has an adequate supply of COVID-19 vaccines, officials must consider how to identify and reach older adults who remain unvaccinated, particularly those who want but have been unable to access a vaccine.
A close up of a face mask being held in the hand of a woman outside
About half of Americans surveyed said they feel uneasy about adjusting to in-person interaction once the pandemic ends, even when vaccinated.
Older adult getting a shot
In the time of COVID-19, flu vaccination rates among the 50+ remain stubbornly low.
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