valentine's day

If there’s one food that people associate with Valentine’s Day, it’s chocolate. More than half of those celebrating are expected to give candy this year, spending 1.8 billion dollars on sweet treats, according to the National Retail Federation. Although studies that find chocolate is good for your…
Valentine’s Day this past weekend brought sweets and other treats for loved ones, and for some couples, an engagement. A hard-to-believe 6 million people told American Express that they were either expecting or planning a marriage proposal on the national love holiday.
Normally, I’m a sucker for the sweetly prepackaged romance of Valentine’s Day.
San Francisco Zoo Valentine with Cockroaches
News, discoveries and ... fun
Gifts for Valentine's Day
Stumped for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie? Maybe the answer is in the stars.
Love Book Magazine
Greetings, readers! And welcome to my new weekly blog about the thing I love most in this world (after Mr. Bethanne, of course): Books!
More Americans are apparently going to be saying amore for a-lesse this Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day is usually a time for flowers and candy, but according to MedlinePlus, it's also a day when approximately 2,800 people-parents, aunts, friends, siblings, uncles, cousins, children and grandparents-will suffer a heart attack. Of these, nearly 1,400 will die-leaving a tragic trail of…
February is the month that we correlate with love. You know as the song says, " a crazy little thing called love." Do our head and heart work together and come up with a plan? Do they see a certain person and the head tells the heart this the first crush or this is the one who will be the lasting…
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