How valuable is dad? We're happy to report that he's more valuable this year than he was last year.
If you get caught up in all this March Madness then you have to be just as stunned as the rest of the world that Lehigh beat Duke. According to ESPN there were over 6 million brackets filled out this year and not a single one picked some of these upsets. You have all these statisticians and…
With everybody interested in saving a buck (or 20) these days, "bargains," "sales," and "special money saving offers" are popping up everywhere.
Did you know that we spend one-fifth of our life talking! How many Talk-shows are on TV every day? And night! We all have something to say, sometimes we say the wrong things but none the less we continue to talk.
Dollar bills
Who doesn't want to save money in this tough economy? A new article in the AARP Bulletin on 99 Ways to Save has tips to help you do just that, on everything from car expenses to caring for your health and your home.
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