Bryant Terry
Chef and author Bryant Terry says that being a food justice activist could mean lots of things - for example, fighting for small family farmers or supporting major reform of national agriculture policies.
Does following a vegetarian diet really help you live longer? Or, as the comedians might say, does it just feel longer?
One of my neighbors, Richard Scammell, is a wonderful cook. Even though Richard does not cook for a living, I consider him a chef. Cooking is Richard's hobby, but when it comes to food preparation, Richard is a highly skilled and well-educated professional. (He's even traveled to Europe to take cooking classes.)
Because three ways is better than two!
For all you vegans in the house (or folks who just like tofu), this looks like a delicious scramble for your weekend breakfast-making. Enjoy!
For those vegetarians out there who don't like the store-bought frozen veggie burgers, these homemade lentil walnut veggie burgers look absolutely delicious (and are healthier too!). Try it out!
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