Overdue bills
Despite a 47 percent increase in complaints from the previous year, identity theft wasn’t the nation’s top consumer complaint in 2015 — for the first time in 16 years, according to an annual review by the Federal Trade Commission.
Identity theft has become so prevalent that some regulators say it’s not a matter of if you’ll become a victim, but when.
AARP Fraud Watch Network - Holiday Scams
AARP Fraud Watch Network  warns holiday shoppers of package delivery theft
Old photo of couple leaning on car
Libelula Roja was looking for love...
JPMorgan Chase and at least four other major U.S. financial institutions are reporting hack attacks by cyber criminals who lifted customers’ personal information, according to published accounts.
By Kristin Keckeisen, Fraud Watch Network campaign manager
Thief stealing a phone
by Marlene Fanta Shyer
IRS Scrabble pieces
From its infancy several months ago, this was no typical telephone scam "phishing" for personal information.
Luring in a scam victim
Once again, scammers have developed new twists on some of the most popular frauds of years past. Although the original versions continue - especially preying on those over age 50 - here's what you should know about some revised rip-offs currently making the rounds.
man knockout game
It's all the "rage" - or is it?  The " knockout game" - not really a game, but rather a violent form of assault - has made headlines across the nation over the past several months. It involves knocking out an unsuspecting victim with a single punch. Some news organizations have reported that the "game," in which people of color, often older, are randomly attacked by young "players," has become an epidemic. Others, while acknowledging that the game exists, brand the so-called trend an urban legend.
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