Stiller and Meara at the Oscars

I want Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller to hit the red carpet and interview stars at this year’s Oscars. I think they are fabulous and frankly, I don’t know why they are not already a go-to team for this sort of thing. They are Hollywood icons.  They are hilarious. And they produced one of the best things going in show business: Ben Stiller. This would be a great way to make up for last year’s Oscar invite snub (see the …

A Bride at 100 (Video)

Turning 100 is a significant milestone in and of itself, but Dana Jackson decided to also tie the knot on her one hundredth birthday. Jackson met Bill Strauss, 87, some time ago the Western Kentucky Active Day Center. They were reunited at the Rosewood Health Care Center(where they both now live) in Bowling Green, Ky. They got hitched last week. Jackson has been married three times before, but this was her first wedding with both a wedding dress and an …

Top AARP Health Videos of 2011: My Generation: Maria’s Story

Maria Shriver shares her very personal story with Alzheimers.

Top AARP Health Videos of 2011: Iranian Cure for the Delta Blues

The Mississippi Delta is one of the poorest places in the United States. Health care in the region is worse than in some developing countries. Yet Iran – isolated for its atomic pursuits – has an innovative rural health care system the World Health Organization describes as “remarkable.” Since 1980, it has reduced child mortality by 70 percent. Three Mississippi doctors are now trying to implement the Iranian system in the Mississippi Delta.

Top AARP Health Videos of 2011: Electronic Eye Glasses

Electronic eyeglasses took took top honors at the Consumer Electronics Expo this spring. By tapping the temple of the glasses, you can switch the focus, eliminating the need for reading glasses, progressive lenses or bifocals. Check out the video to see how they work.

What Keeps You Creative?

Have you ever watched something that reignites your creativity and maybe even inspires to dust off an old aspiration? This video, by the folks at TO-FU, does just that. It is based on a list, 29 Ways to Stay Creative, created by Paul Zii for his Life on Michigan Avenue blog. The presentation is energizing and very darn cool. The video had such an effect on me that I decided to add to the list. Here is my #30… Look …