My Pop, who served in the Navy during World War II, was fond of sharing stories of his military years, and they always started out with the phrase, “When I was in the service of my country, fighting for mankind....” It reminded his children and grandchildren of the magnitude of the war and the sacrifice millions made.
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Notable events from our shared experience
Notable events from our shared experience
Charles and Diana wedding, 1981
Noteworthy events from our shared experience
On June 9, 1969, the U.S. Senate confirms President Richard Nixon's choice of Warren E. Burger to succeed Earl Warren as chief justice of the United States. Though generally conservative, Burger will vote in favor of school busing and abortion rights, and will write the court's unanimous decision upholding a subpoena for the Watergate tapes.
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Notable events from our shared experience
Nelson Mandela
Notable events from our shared experience
For baby boomers who grew up in the Cold War era, the latest headlines  - about the Russian annexation of Crimea and Vladmir Putin's America-bashing speech - bring up uncomfortable memories. Who doesn't remember that childhood fear of being herded into a flimsy bomb shelter with incoming Russian missiles overhead? As we worry about whether another Cold War could loom ahead, here are seven things we don't miss about the first one:
El presidente Barack Obama entregó, en la Casa Blanca, la Medalla de Honor a un grupo de 24 veteranos de guerra, varios de ellos hispanos, a quienes no se les habí­a otorgado esa distinción por motivo de discriminación pese a haber mostrado un valor inimaginable.
Melvin Morris vividly remembers the day in September 1969 when he became a war hero in the eyes of others.
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